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Oceanic Next Color Scheme

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Colorful Sublime Text 2/3 color scheme optimized for babel-sublime JavaScript syntax highlighter.


  • use Package Control
  • or manually copy Oceanic Next.tmTheme file into /Packages/User directory (path depends on your OS)
  • select scheme from Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Color Scheme


Other Editors

Oceanic Next was also ported to:

You may also want to look at base16-oceanic-next. This project generates the Oceanic Next color scheme for a variety of text editors using base16-builder.


You can use concfg to install theme for Powershell. First with iex install scoop, and with scoop install concfg (answer on StackOverflow):

iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring('')
scoop install concfg
concfg import oceanicnext

Similar Schemes

Oceanic Next inspired another schemes which extend syntax or change some of its aspects:

Color Palette

There is a list of colors used in Oceanic Next. Check it before porting the color scheme to another environment.

base 00: #1B2B34
base 01: #343D46
base 02: #4F5B66
base 03: #65737E
base 04: #A7ADBA
base 05: #C0C5CE
base 06: #CDD3DE
base 07: #D8DEE9
base 08: #EC5f67
base 09: #F99157
base 0A: #FAC863
base 0B: #99C794
base 0C: #5FB3B3
base 0D: #6699CC
base 0E: #C594C5
base 0F: #AB7967

Companion Sublime UI Themes


Theme is inspired by Base16 Ocean Dark Theme which was my long time favorite and based on Oceanic Eighties Color Scheme.


If you'd like to help with development of the color scheme please follow these simple rules:

  • add new styles to the theme inside .YAML-tmTheme file
  • generate .tmTheme xml file with AAAPackageDev for Sublime
  • to inspect scopes inside Sublime you can use Cmd + Alt + P command (on MacOS)


Buy Me A Coffee

or consider donating through PayPal 💰


MIT Licensed