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ZSH plugin for creating .gitignore files.
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gitignore.plugin.zsh Build Status

Zsh plugin for creating .gitignore files.



    antigen bundle voronkovich/gitignore.plugin.zsh


    zplug voronkovich/gitignore.plugin.zsh

Or clone this repo and add this into your .zshrc:

    source path/to/cloned/repo/gitignore.plugin.zsh


    gi TEMPLATE (will write rules to the standard output)


    gii TEMPLATE (will write output to the local .gitignore file)


    gi vim eclipse symfony

Custom templates

If you want to override an existing template or add your own custom one, you can use an environment variable ZSH_PLUGIN_GITIGNORE_TEMPLATE_PATHS (it behaves like the $PATH variable):

    export ZSH_PLUGIN_GITIGNORE_TEMPLATE_PATHS="$HOME/.gitignore_teplates:$ZSH_PLUGIN_GITIGNORE_TEMPLATE_PATHS:/etc/global_gitignore"

Updating templates

Every day the Travis CI runs a job (see tools/update-templates) that updates a submodule with templates and commits the changes. So, templates are always up to date. You should just use antigen update.




Copyright (c) Voronkovich Oleg. Distributed under the MIT.

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