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Inform 7 extensions for Vorple

This repository contains the official Inform 7 extensions for Vorple.

The documentation for how to use the extensions as a game author is at

Creating release packages

The script packages everything into a zip file that contains the Inform 7 extensions and interpreter template. The zip file is placed into the dist directory along with copies of the Extensions and Templates directories.

The script also creates the correct (manifest).txt file for Inform 7 by adding the list of all interpreter files to it. The (manifest).txt template it uses is in Templates/Vorple/(manifest).txt.

The script assumes that the main Vorple repository is at the same level as this project (i.e. at ../vorple in relation to the build script) and that it has already been build (yarn build inside the vorple repository.)

The build script works only in Mac or Linux. It can also be run with yarn build.

Unit tests

See this document for information on how to run the unit tests.


Inform 7 extensions and templates




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