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Benchmark Results:

Running on Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7300  @ 2.66GHz

$ g++ -o vectest vectors.cpp 
$ ./vectest 
Runs: 10000 
took 0.110000 seconds.  total: 10276007.128581
took 0.120000 seconds.  total: 10179109.291509
took 0.120000 seconds.  total: 9880589.970127
took 0.130000 seconds.  total: 10179886.160716
took 0.120000 seconds.  total: 9911939.733475

$ lua vectors.lua 
table 4.00s total:10276007.150606
table 4.00s total:9880589.991855
table 4.00s total:9911939.739857
table 4.00s total:10181511.399953
table 4.00s total:9913258.349896

$ python2.7 
runs: 10000
table 8.38s total: 10022889.824988
table 8.39s total: 10302358.525744
table 8.42s total: 10225865.251130
table 8.36s total: 10659115.036221
table 8.39s total: 10760952.578622

$ pypy 
runs: 10000
table 0.19s total: 9905714.849402
table 0.19s total: 10394566.764700
table 0.21s total: 10504072.892524
table 0.19s total: 10605307.460215
table 0.21s total: 10103651.445194