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This is some code I wrote to manage and maintain my homebrewing obsession.

Conveniently, it's all licenced under the [BEERWARE licence] 1 so you can basically do as you please with it; but given the nature of what the software is used for - if you should meet me at a pub ([The Wheatsheaf Hotel] 2 is a favourite haunt!), or a [Homebrewing event] 3 (I'm a member of SABC - South Australian Brewing Club), and if you find any or all of this software useful, I'd love a beer in return for my efforts.

Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't have written a single line of code if I didn't enjoy it, so there is no obligation!

I'll aim to keep some notes and updates available on my personal brewing blog too, but don't count on it. Young kids and lots of beer to brew and drink, plus other hobbies, keep me pretty busy!

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