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#include <QObject>
#include <QList>
#include <QImage>
#include "messagekey.h"
#include "messagetype.h"
#include "contactresultcode.h"
#include "notification.h"
#include "userstatus.h"
#include "publishingway.h"
#include "publishmessageinfo.h"
namespace MoodBox
#define MESSAGEMANAGER MessageManager::getInstance()
class MessageSender;
class MessageReceiver;
class ServerCommandsReceiver;
class MessagePublisher;
class MessageFile;
// Messages manager, responsible for sending and receiving of art messages
class MessageManager : public QObject
// Init all components
void initMessaging();
// Start & stop processing
void startMessageProcessing();
void stopMessageProcessing();
// Cleanup and stop
void cleanupMessaging();
// Operations: send, publish, etc
void sendMessage(MessageFile *file);
void publishMoodstrip(qint32 id, const QString &caption, const QList <PublishMessageInfo> &messages, bool isHidden, qint32 recipientId);
void cancelPublish(qint32 id);
QString saveThumbnail(const QString &previewFileName, const QImage &preview);
static MessageManager *getInstance();
void receiveMessage(MessageFile *file);
bool deleteMessage(const MessageKey &key, MessageType::MessageTypeEnum messageType, qint32 recipientId);
bool deleteMessage(const qint32 messageId, MessageType::MessageTypeEnum messageType, qint32 recipientId);
// Initial send signal
void privateMessageSent(qint32 recipientId, const MessageKey &key);
void friendsMessageSent(const MessageKey &key);
// Send Info update
void privateMessageSentUpdate(qint32 recipientId, const MessageKey &newKey, ContactResultCode::ContactResultCodeEnum result, const MessageKey &oldKey);
void friendsMessageSentUpdate(const MessageKey &newKey, ContactResultCode::ContactResultCodeEnum result, const MessageKey &oldKey);
// Send error
void sendError();
void showExceptionDialogSendingMessage(ContactResultCode::ContactResultCodeEnum ResultCode, qint32 id);
// Receive
void privateMessageReceived(qint32 authorId, const MessageKey &key);
void channelMessageReceived(qint32 channelId, const MessageKey &key);
void friendsMessageReceived(const MessageKey &key);
// Publish
void publishing(qint32 id, qint32 percentDone);
void publishCompleted(qint32 id, qint32 moodstripId, const QList<PublishingWay> &urls);
void publishError(qint32 id);
// Delete
void messageDeleted(const MessageKey &key);
MessageSender *sender;
MessageReceiver *receiver;
ServerCommandsReceiver *commandReceiver;
MessagePublisher *publisher;
static MessageManager *instance;
private slots:
void onMessageReceived(MessageFile *file);
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