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VOSONDash is an interactive R Shiny web application for the visualisation and analysis of social network data. The app has a dashboard layout with sections for visualising and manipulating network graphs, performing text analysis, displaying network metrics and the collection of network data using the vosonSML R package.


Installation simply requires downloading the VOSONDash files and unzipping them to a folder. The app is opened in RStudio by either creating a new project using the VOSONDash directory or navigating to the folder using the RStudio File browser tab.

The latest VOSONDash can be downloaded from the VOSON lab on github using the following link: https://github.com/vosonlab/VOSONDash/archive/master.zip

Getting started

The app can be run by typing runApp() in the RStudio Console (optionally with a path appDir = '~/my/voson/dash/folder/path/') or alternatively by clicking on the Run App button that appears in the top right of the RStudio file viewer frame when either the ui.R or server.R files are open.

VOSONDash app interface

VOSONDash features an intuitive web interface with a section for analysis of graph data in graphml format and a section for collecting social media data with vosonSML.

VOSONDash Interface