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Launchpad is a CLI tool for Vostok.

Use Launchpad to create a boilerplate Vostok-instrumented application. Right now, there's an ASP.NET Core 2.0 application template which compiles to a binary file that you can deploy manually. Lauchpad will support more ready-to-deploy application templates and cloud environments.

In the future, Launchpad will be capable of controlling Vostok applications' deployment and scaling.


.NET Core 2 SDK is a prerequisite. Check that you have dotnet in your PATH:

$ dotnet --version

Clone this repository:

$ git clone

Two scripts will be available to you:

  • vostok.cmd for Windows,
  • for *nix and macOS.


Create an ASP.NET Core 2.0 application:

$ ./ create --project TestProject --service MyMicroservice
Project MyMicroservice created in 'output' directory.

This is for illustration purposes only, you don't have to install tree:

$ tree output/MyMicroservice
├── MyMicroservice
│   ├── Controllers
│   │   └── HomeController.cs
│   ├── EntryPoint.cs
│   ├── MyMicroservice.csproj
│   ├── MyMicroserviceApplication.cs
│   └── appsettings.json
├── MyMicroservice.sln
└── nuget.config

Platform-independent libraries are built automatically on the first run of vostok.cmd or

Tweak the code and run it either from your IDE or from command line:

$ dotnet run --project output/MyMicroservice/MyMicroservice/MyMicroservice.csproj

By default, the application is bound to http://[::]:33333. It is an echo server which awaits for GET requests to any URI and returns back that URI and a distributed trace id:

$ curl -s localhost:33333 | python -m json.tool
    "traceId": "http://localhost:6301/bedfdf88-704d-493f-a458-2999d0b57e09",
    "url": "http://localhost:33333/"

You need an up and running Vostok infrastructure to collect and see logs, traces and metrics. This infrastructure may be already installed by your DevOps specialist on dedicated hosts or in the cloud.

You can also run a Vostok infrastructure locally using Spaceport. All Launchpad-generated applications are preconfigured to work with Spaceport out of the box.