Front end for the Carpool Vote website. Support every American's right to vote!
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Carpool Vote

Carpool Vote connects volunteer drivers with anybody who needs a ride to claim their vote. We are a nonpartisan organisation: Our goal is to increase voter turnout and improve representation.

We successfully deployed the site for the US 2016 election and now we are working hard on improvements for the various US elections in 2017 and beyond. We're a team of volunteers from around the world, working pro bono in our free time alongside our day jobs. As a result, we need all the help we can get, and any contributions would be gratefully appreciated.


We have a Slack team! Please email us if you would like to join.


This site runs on Jekyll, and is hosted on Github Pages from this respository. We have an API set up at The current live version of the API can be accessed via, while a test version is at We currently have a staging environment connected to the test API at


You'll need to have Ruby installed if you haven't already (ideally via a ruby version manager like rbenv or RVM), and also install Jekyll and Bundler with gem install jekyll bundler.

Once Jekyll is installed, you can start a local server using jekyll serve. To connect to the test API (instead of the live one), run jekyll serve --config _config.yml,_config-dev.yml instead.


The main site is available at, but there is a mirror at, which redirects to This mirror has a different logo and other small changes, which are handled in querystring.js so that we don't need to maintain two separate websites.


If you're interested in contributing to this project, read our guidelines for how to contribute first, and also please be aware of our code of conduct.