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Constitutions and internal policies for The Flux Movement - EDIT ACCESS IS RESTRICTED
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Flux Foundation Constitution.pdf


This respository houses Flux constitutions and internal policies.

You are welcome to make a pull request but please be aware there are governance procedures around accepting changes to our constitutions and policies that require certain sign-offs.

Please don't be surprised if a PR you submit is not accepted. A good path to having a PR be accepted is to first create an issue to state your case and discuss publicly the need for the change and how it could be sensibly implemented. Also please keep in mind that we've avoided some things for good reason, though feel free to ask about anything you consider important that we've either overlooked or seem to have rejected or avoided in the past.

Also, in regards to discussion, please make liberal use of quoting since comments can be edited after the fact and to avoid ambiguety. Please do not be surprised if you are asked to make use of quotes in your discussion posts. Good quoting is incredibly important, and paraphrasing other people or misquoting them (deliberately or accidentally) is taken quite seriously.

You can find PDF, docx, odt, rst, txt, pdf, and html copies of the constitutions and policies in this repository at

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