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VoTG project

Voice over Telegram

VoTG - Voice over Telegram

Work-in-progress project (in very early stages) to leverage VoWiFi to make cellular call and SMS (via your own SIM card) accessible via Telegram - anywhere in the world, no GSM coverage needed - only a gateway (e.g. Raspberry Pi) with a smart card reader with SIM card in it and Internet access.

Current architecture: (subject to change at any time)

  1. SIM card connector (closed-source PoC available), which handles all communications with a SIM.
  2. Slightly modified StrongSwan to connect to mobile operator's ePDG.
  3. TBD

I did succesfully established a tunnel with a ePDG server of MTS (Russia) back in Summer 2020 and in November 2022, but currently did not made progress any further. Also, at this time I am unable to establish tunnel with some other domestic major mobile operators which I had SIM cards of.

Unfortunately, the development pacing is very slow due to author's lack of knowledge, and very little easy-to-follow information availability on the internet. The development of this project is the only learning opportunity for me regarding EPC and IMS internals. If you want to help - please, contact me!

In development by leenr.

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  1. strongswan strongswan Public

    Forked from strongswan/strongswan

    strongSwan - IPsec-based VPN (with features used by VoTG project)



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