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Vx Complete System

This repository is used to download a set of components that are consistent with each other in terms of compatibility and versioning. This repository has all the components and scripts to run each machine (VxAdmin, VxMark, VxScan, VxCentralScan).

Developing vxsuite through kiosk-browser

If you are developing a change in vxsuite and want to test it through kiosk-browser to mimic production, follow the steps below. Only do this after you have run the setup-dev script in vxsuite, which will install node and other dependencies.

make checkout
make build-kiosk-browser
# If you are using debian bullseye add your user to the lpadmin group
sudo usermod -aG lpadmin $USER
# run whatever apps and services you are testing in vxsuite
# Example: Allow Devtools while running Election Manager

When kiosk-browser is running, you can type Ctrl+Shift+I in order to open developer tools, and Ctrl+W to close the window. You can also Alt+Tab to navigate back to the terminal and Ctrl+C to quit kiosk-browser.

Hardware and OS

Pick a machine with FHD (1920x1080) resolution and the ability to install Linux. Install Ubuntu 18.04.4+ Desktop, minimal installation. Software update.

Install VotingWorks Software

sudo apt update
sudo apt install git make
git clone
cd vxsuite-complete-system
make deps

Then pull down all of the code. You can re-run these commands to pull the latest version of the code.

make checkout
make build

Run in Test Mode

You now have a test machine that can run any of the VxSuite components (election manager, ballot scanner, BMD, or encoder). You can only run one component at a time.

Election Manager (VxAdmin)

This command will run all software services needed for election manager:

ADMIN_WORKSPACE=/tmp ./ admin

Ballot Scanner (VxCentralScan)

This command will run all software services needed for ballot scanner:

SCAN_WORKSPACE=/tmp ./ central-scan

You may replace /tmp with any persistent path you like.

VxScan (Precinct Scanner)

SCAN_WORKSPACE=/tmp ./ scan

You may replace /tmp with any persistent path you like.

Ballot Marking Device (VxMark/VxPrint)

There are 3 modes:

  • MarkOnly: the BMD is used just for electronic marking and stores the ballot on the smart card
  • PrintOnly: this is the print station that takes a smart card with a ballot on it and prints it
  • MarkAndPrint: the more classic BMD, mark on the screen and immediately print the ballot.

The default mode is MarkAndPrint.

This command will run all software services needed for the ballot-marking device, in the given mode. Make sure to substitute your chosen mode (MarkOnly, PrintOnly, MarkAndPrint) in the command:

VX_APP_MODE="<mode>" ./ mark

Configuring for Production

To configure and lock down the machine for production use, noting this is an irreversible process:

cd vxsuite-complete-system

High-level Contracts

Each frontend (e.g. apps/scan/frontend) and backend (e.g. apps/scan/backend) should be an application that can be built using make build, and then run using make run.


Thanks to Trammell Hudson (@osresearch) for help working out TPM- and dm-verity related stuff, and more generally for cutting the path for more secure Linux systems via the osresearch/safeboot project.

Thanks to Matthew Garrett (@mjg59) for providing overall thoughts about our security architecture, as well as helping to work out Secure Boot policies.