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Ocaml cross-compiler for Android.

On a 64bit Debian or Ubuntu installation, you need to install package gcc-multilib: we have to build 32 bit OCaml binaries when targeting 32 bit architectures.

Follow the following steps to compile:

  • download the Android NDK and the OCaml source code;
  • edit Makefile.config;
  • run make.

For convenience, binaries (ocamlc, ocamlopt, ...) are put both in $ANDROID_BINDIR prefixed by arm-linux-androideabi-, and in $ANDROID_BINDIR/arm-linux-androideabi unprefixed. The Android OCaml runtime ocamlrun is in directory $ANDROID_PREFIX/bin/.

There are a few pitfalls regarding bytecode programs. First, if you link them without the -custom directive, you will need to use ocamlrun explicitly to run them. Second, the ocamlmklib command produces shared libraries dll*.so which are not usable. Thus, you need to use the -custom directive to successfully link bytecode programs that uses libraries with mixed C / OCaml code. Shared libraries should eventually be disabled, but at the moment, the ocamlbuild plugin of oasis requires them to be created.

Many thanks to Keigo Imai for his OCaml 3.12 cross-compiler patches.