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Simple Snippet Sharing - coded in Ruby on Rails

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A simple snippet sharing site. You can see the site live at

Getting Started

Sniply has been testing on Ruby 1.9.3.

Copy the database.yml for your setup. For SQLite3, cp config/database.yml.sqlite3 config.database.yml and for MySQL cp config/database.yml.mysql config.database.yml and update for your username/password.

If you want to use SQLite3 you'll need to add the sqlite3 gem to the Gemfile.

This isn't required in development but highly recommened for production. Run rake secret and copy what it gives you and replace whatever is next to Sniply::Application.config.secret_token = in config/initializers/secret_token.rb.

  • gem install bundler
  • bundle install
  • rake db:create
  • rake db:migrate

You need to create an application on the Twitter Developer site. When creating a new application, set the 'callback URL' as the http://localhost:3000/auth/callback. Copy the 'consumer key' and the 'consumer secret' keys into config/initializers/omniauth.rb replacing ENV['SNIPLY_TWITTER_KEY'] and ENV['SNIPLY_TWITTER_SECRET'].

When in production, the 'callback URL' needs to be changed to your site URL with /auth/callback on the end. Also you should set the environment variables set for SNIPLY_TWITTER_KEY and SNIPLY_TWITTER_SECRET. You can paste these into your source code but it is a security risk. You should keep these details secret.

Once everything is setup, start up the server with rails server and direct your web browser to localhost:3000. Login with Twitter and you will be greeted with a new snippet form.


Fork this project, make any changes and create a pull request :)


This project is licensed under the ☺ Licence.

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