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Failed to load latest commit information. Improve database init and fix some bugs with name casing Apr 29, 2017


  • 2017 03 31

    • Added COLLATE NOCASE to the subscribers table.
    • Made a single large DB_INIT string to make formatting easier.
    • Fixed bug in which the subreddit names were not being lowercased correctly causing db fetch to miss the entry.
    • Fixed reportall to only say each subreddit once in the "ALL REDDITS" dump.
    • Moved comments for clarity
  • 2016 06 05

    • MULTIREDDITS. Newsletterly now properly uses multireddits to find posts in lots of subreddits at once. This reduces the amount of fine-tuning I can do on a per-subreddit basis, but the speed benefits are worth the trade off. If you are running a copy of Newsletterly you'll need to migrate all active subscription subreddits to one or more multireddits on the bot's account. Order and grouping does not matter.
  • 2016 04 15

    • Added broadcast functionality to send a message to all subscribers. Not operable via PM yet.
    • Added deletion functionality to remove inactive users. Everyone must send the bot a message within a certain time span, indicating they are active.

Sends a newsletter to users when their favorite subreddit has a new post.

This bot operates via Private Message correspondence. When sending a message to Newsletterly, the subject does not matter. On each line of the body should be a command and any arguments it needs, separated by spaces. Scroll down to see image examples.



  • subscribe redditdev
    • Subscribe to /r/redditdev
  • subscribe redditdev, learnpython
    • Subscribe to both /r/redditdev and /r/learnpython
  • unsubscribe redditdev
    • Unsubscribe from /r/redditdev
  • unsubscribe redditdev, learnpython
    • Unsubscribe from both /r/redditdev and /r/learnpython
  • unsubscribe all
    • Unsubscribe from everything


  • report
    • Receive a list of all the subreddits you're subscribed to, including a joined /r/a+b+c link.
  • keep
    • Very rarely, I will purge inactive users from Newsletterly, so it does not waste API time checking subreddits that nobody is actually using. If you receive a message declaring an upcoming purge, you must send this command to be maintained. Purging is not a regular thing and you don't need to worry about it if you're legitimately active.

Admins only

  • forcesubscribe goldensights.redditdev
    • Forcefully add /u/goldensights to receive /r/redditdev.
  • forceunsubscribe goldensights.redditdev
    • Forcefully remove /u/goldensights from /r/redditdev.
  • kill
    • Completely shut down the bot using Python's quit(). The bot's last breath will be a PM to you confirming the action.
  • reportuser goldensights
    • See the subreddit report for /u/goldensights.
  • reportall
    • See the reports for every user.

  Receiving a Newsletter:

Stay tuned.


Stay tuned.

Stay tuned.

  Checking your subscriptions:

Stay tuned.

  Composing a message with multiple commands:

Stay tuned.

Stay tuned.

  Surviving a purge:

Stay tuned.

Failing a purge:

Stay tuned.



Stay tuned.

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