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hello im using windows and xampp to install yii2-start

why i have error code 1314 ?

vova07 commented Oct 23, 2014

I'm not sure how to fix this problem for Windows XAMPP, but in OpenServer this problem can be fixed by running the server as administrator, however if this is not possible you simple can disable symlink here by writing linkAssets => false.


thanks vova it's work for me by disable symlink :) solved !


how can we use gii on the backend ?

vova07 commented Oct 23, 2014

You are welcome!

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vova07 commented Oct 23, 2014

The same like on frontend. /backend/gii/default/index/


On IIS (Internet Information Services), you need to set permissions to allow the creation of symbolic links.

Go to Local Security Policy -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment and right click on Create symbolic links -> Properties -> Add User or Group and add the "IUSR" user, which should be the user associated with IIS.
A restart may be required.

If this doesn't work, go to IIS Manager -> Authentication -> select Anonymous Authentication -> Edit and enter your current logged in user, which should be an administrator.
Hit OK and now the symlink() function in php should work fine.

pafcosta commented Apr 8, 2015

With EasyPHP, I started the server as "execute as administrator". It worked.


open the xampp control with administrator priviligies and start the apache server, this solved the symlink problem with xampp and windows


@jcfiorenzano thanks man! simple and clean. it worked!


Thank you very much! I started my xampp by administrator.


thanks! Launching as administrator works just fine!

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