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Blazing fast Magento 2 development in SublimeText 3
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MagentoWorkflow — is a SublimeText 3 plugin that allows to work on Magento module or theme with enabled cache and forget about cache clean and outdated generated code. Additionally, it takes care about file sync into docker environment. This approach results in drastically improved Magento performance, which means faster and enjoyable development.


Windows is not supported. PR are welcome.

  1. Run “Package Control: Install Package” command
  2. Type MagentoWorkflow and press Enter

How it Works

When you save some file, MagentoWorkflow plugin automatically cleanup appropriate generated files, and triggers cache invalidation. Plugin knows when, where, and what to clear.

You will always see when the plugin do something. It reports about its processes in Sublime's status bar.


Pulled a lot of changes from remote repository? We've got your back! Press ⌘⇧P and use MagentoWorkflow commands:

  • Wipe All - Cleanup all resources and flush cache storage
  • Clear Cache - Cleanup selected magento cache
  • Flush Cache - Flush cache storage
  • Theme Clear - Cleanup theme resources (js, css)
  • Module Clear - Cleanup module resources (js, css, php)


Module automatically discovers if you are using docker and run commands in appropriate container. Additionally, when docker is detected, module will sync changes from vendor folder into the docker.

Tested with:


No configuration is required. Just install the module and it's ready!

While you don't need to change anything to work with MagentoWorkflow, sometimes to may need to tune some option.

Option Name Default Value Description
bin_magento_command bin/magento Command to run bin/magento.
resources ["css_module", "css_theme", "requirejs", "translation", "generated"] The list of resources to clean when needed.
service EMPTY Docker service name. Autodetected.
cmd_prefix docker-compose exec -T {service} Prefix to add to every terminal command. Service is taken from service option.
sync_command docker cp {filepath} $(docker-compose ps -q {service}|awk '{print $1}'):/var/www/html/{filepath} A command that copies files from the host to docker container.
sync_folders ["/vendor/"] Sync files from host to docker from these folders.


Previous version of this plugin had some useful snippets. Now, they've been moved to MagicTemplates plugin.

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