Plugin that provides system tray icon for deadbeef in Plasma5 (Just implements StatusNotifierItem).
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StatusNotifier plugin for the DeaDBeeF music player


This plugin aims to implement the StatusNotifierItem for DeaDBeeF.

It tends to replace default tray icon on DE that supports StatusNotifierIitem protocol. It also aims to provide tray icon for deadbeef on KDE5/Plasma5, where old xmbedded icons aren't supported anymore.

Required packages


gtk 2.x - for gtk 2 version
gtk 3.x - for gtk 3 version
libdbusmenu-glib-0.4 - for dbusmenu
deadbeef development files.


You will need to add packman repository for deadbeef itself (probably you already done this :) ).
sudo zypper in cmake deadbeef-devel libdbusmenu-glib-devel gtk3-devel


You will need to find any repository with for deadbeef itself and add it to your system (probably you already done this :) ).
sudo yum install cmake deadbeef-devel libdbusmenu-devel gtk3-devel


You will need to find any repository with for deadbeef itself and add it to your system (probably you already done this :) ).
Package name with development files for deadbeef will depend on selected ppa.

sudo apt-get install cmake deadbeef-plugins-dev libdbusmenu-glib-dev libgtk-3-dev


yaourt -S deadbeef-plugin-statusnotifier

How to build

mkdir build && cd build
make install


Once the plugin is installed, restart (or start) deadbeef.
By default, this plugin will automatically replace default tray icon.
You can change this behaviour in plugins settings (open deadbeef's preference, select plugins tab, select StatusNotifier plugin, select settings).

Note, that by default, this plugin automatically enables "hide tray icon" option in deadbeef's settings (if disabled) on startup and restores it's value on shutdown. But if shutdown was not clean (appliaction crashed, killed or something like this) then value for "hide tray icon" won't be restored.

Possible cmake options

-DUSE_GTK - Whether to build gtk2 verion or not. Default: ON
-DUSE3_GTK - Whether to build gtk3 verion or not. Default: ON
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX - Where to install. Default: /usr/local

-DLIB_INSTALL_DIR - Name of system libdir. Default: lib