Invoking a topic each time a vow is run. #213

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maccman commented May 10, 2012

We're running into the issue concerning the fact that the topic is only run once per vow. Having it run before each vow is pretty useful, for example reseting state after a vow is run.

I'm quite happy to submit a pull request for this, but I thought I'd first check to see if it's something that's likely to get in - or if this behavior is an intentional architectural decision.


@maccman Can you be more specific about the usage? In these scenarios I've simply written small macros which generate the vows structure it is expecting. It's not ideal, but changes to the vows grammar can be tricky. For example in this case:

  • How would one specify if a topic is to be run every time vs. once per vow?
egorse commented May 18, 2012

What for its really needed?

topic: new function() {
  return new SomeObject();
'vow 1': function(f) {
'vow 2': function(f) {
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