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Loading… Needs an Update #218

englercj opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Looks like there are some command line params that are missing from, notably

-i, --isolate

All seem to be missing, which makes me think there is more that may be out of date on that page.


This is basically an update of #118 with some extra options that perhaps didn't exist at that time.


I have also noticed a few assertions that are not on the site and the teardown function.
It would be great to have the site as part of the project, I would be very willing to contribute updates to the site.


Updated site is live now at ... the toto based app was beyond saving. Now using blacksmith.

If @cloudhead can update the DNS to point to Nodejitsu the site will be live at again. @cloudhead see

@indexzero indexzero closed this

The items I mentioned are still not on that page.

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