Impossible to have an asynchronous vow (not topic)? #245

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A far as I can tell, it's impossible to have an asynchronous vow. I realize that one of vows' tenants is the separation between the topic and test. In this case, however, I don't think it's possible. I'm testing an the express-compatible bits of my templating library, so I just testing raw output. I'm using supertest to make this easy.

vows.describe('async test').addBatch({

    'layout helpers within express': {

        // app is just a typical server.js
        topic: function(){ return require('./fixtures/app') }

        ,'render': {

            'p': function(app){
                    .expect( '<p>a</p>' )
                    .end( function(){} )

The test isn't actually testing anything, because supertest assumes end or the second param of expect to be called with a typical fn(err, res). Vows just hangs after the tests run.

It seems that these libraries are completely incompatible; is there a pattern to work around not having an explicit next or this.callback within a vow?


@kirbysayshi no. Right now it's outside the scope of the vows semantics. I'm going to close this, but if you still use vows at all would be interested to hear your thoughts on #318.

@indexzero indexzero closed this Nov 4, 2014
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