Use blanketjs instead of libcov #279

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JerrySievert commented Jun 4, 2013

Awesome! I'll take a look at it.

I don't think we should bundle coverage with vows, but we should make sure that it works with all of the popular ones. I personally use istanbul and it works out of the box with vows.


JerrySievert commented May 13, 2014

i disagree, it would be nice to have a default coverage utility so that manual instrumentation doesn't need to occur, or at least have the option - even make it modular.

we can discuss further, no action is being taken yet.


indexzero commented Nov 4, 2014

Agree with @davglass here. I think that lab took the wrong approach implementing it themselves. We can do better.


silkentrance commented Nov 20, 2014

I managed to use grunt-istanbul to first instrument the existing sources, compiled from coffee-script to javascript, and then, using the grunt-vows-runner task to execute the vows test runner in-process, subsequently executing the necessary other tasks to store and then makeReport the needed, while mostly garbage, reports as well.

I think that with the use of proper tools this might actually be closed as well, unless vows itself requires a different coverage tool... And in that I, too, agree with @davglass

Yet it would be nice if vows would support instrumentations other than just jscoverage style instrumentations.

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