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Run in the Browser #293

JerrySievert opened this Issue · 3 comments

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This one is more complicated and will most likely require a build script for optimal usage, but it would be very nice to be able to run in the browser/phantomjs.

Tagging @patrickarlt for additional input.


A build script would definitely be the way to go here. This is pretty much how Jasmine works. It generates an html file that will run your tests when opened in a browser this makes it pretty easy to run the tests in a quick standalone manner.

As for integration with Phantom/Selenium that same html file is opened in the browser and the and the results are reported over an iframe/socket to the runner which in turn reports the pass/fail to other reporters like the console.

Thats a pretty high level overview of how it works in libraries like Jasmine (which I'm the most familiar with).

I'm almost wondering if Browserify could be leveraged to create a standalone vows.js file that could be used in a browser ill experiment with it a little as a prototype.


I just ran a quick proof of concept trying to browserify vows and there on only a few parts that Browserify chokes on. and commenting out those lines I was able to run vows tests in a browser. There is also a point where it chokes in the console reporter but we wouldn't be using that in the browser anyway since there would be reporters created specifically for browsers.

Here is a gist with the process


Since this will be a ground up rewrite, wondering if maybe we should not use browserify but instead just write cleanly with no major dependencies.

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