Implementation and testing of this passthrough and adding context as extra argument. #29

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leei commented Nov 12, 2010

The conversation we had regarding passing this through the callback and adding context as an extra argument are now implemented and tested.

User visible changes:

  • On this.callback triggered vows, the this variable is now bound to the target of the callback invocation in the code being tested. In other words, if the user code responds to the asynchronous call with, err, status) then this will be bound to foo in the vow's function.
  • If the test code needs to examine the vow's context (e.g. to examine the topics array) then this context is available as an extra argument after all of those sent from the user code.

indexzero commented Jul 27, 2011

This seems reasonable. The purpose would be to allow this.context to be available inside of individual vow functions correct?


indexzero commented Nov 4, 2014

Closing for lack of follow-up.

@indexzero indexzero closed this Nov 4, 2014

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