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Smart Dispatch

  1. Download the repo
  2. Install the dependencies:

cd sd-api npm install

cd smart-dispatch npm install

  1. Add your credentials

In /smart-dispatch/configuration.js add your Voxbone WebRTC username/password In /smart-dispatch/index.js add your LinkedIn API and Secret keys

  1. Launch App:
  • Open a terminal window and start mongodb: mongod --dbpath ~/path-to/smart-dispatch/sd-api/data
  • Open another terminal window and start mongo: mongo
  • In the mongo terminal window, switch to nodetest1 db: use nodetest1
  • Open another terminal window and cd in the sd-api module directory: cd ~/path-to/smart-dispatch/sd-api
  • Start the sd-api module: npm start
  • Open http://localhost:4000/newuser and create users with the right country codes (segment)
  • Open a new window and cd into ~/path-to/smart-dispatch/smart-dispatch
  • Start Smart dispatch : npm start
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