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Nov 19, 2010

  1. Version bump to 1.1.2

    Evan Phoenix authored
  2. Brian Shirai

    Fixed Bignum#<=> with an object instance.

    brixen authored Evan Phoenix committed
  3. Fix Debugger.start in ruby-debug compat mode

    Evan Phoenix authored

Nov 17, 2010

  1. Brian Shirai

    Permit characters after (rbx|rubinius) in --prefix dir.

    This solves an issue where a --prefix dir like rbx-1.1.1-junk already exists
    and the user gives that dir to configure again. In that case, we assume it to
    be a Rubinius install dir and install into it.
    brixen authored
  2. Match an empty string properly. Fixes #573

    Evan Phoenix authored
  3. Add spec for matching an empty string

    Evan Phoenix authored
  4. Add Method#source, show source in Method#inspect

    Evan Phoenix authored

Nov 16, 2010

  1. Version bump

    Evan Phoenix authored

Nov 15, 2010

  1. Make CM#locate_line more strict. Fixes #563

    Evan Phoenix authored
  2. Make sure that the preinstalled dir is always present

    Evan Phoenix authored
  3. Brian Shirai

    Updated Rapa source to 36f91258.

    brixen authored
  4. Brian Shirai

    Fixed code confusing GCC overflow checks in unpack.

    brixen authored
  5. Brian Shirai

    Updated Rapa source to e00f5a3a.

    brixen authored
  6. Brian Shirai

    Replaced size_t for native_int in pack, unpack.

    brixen authored
  7. Cleanup Float#/ spec

    Evan Phoenix authored
  8. Merge remote branch 'jeremydurham/master'

    Evan Phoenix authored
  9. Show the missing file error to -c more clearly. Fixes #568

    Evan Phoenix authored
  10. Add ruby-debug stub gem

    Evan Phoenix authored
  11. Jeremy Durham

    Added spec to test Float#/ properly coercing other object

    jeremydurham authored
  12. Jeremy Durham

    Use redo_coerced when calling Float#divide. Fixes #564

    jeremydurham authored
  13. Jeremy Durham

    Added irc and github information

    jeremydurham authored

Nov 14, 2010

  1. Dirkjan Bussink

    We don't use anything deprecated, so -Wno-deprecated isn't needed

    Verified that we can build without this option on OS X 10.6,
    Debian Lenny 64 and FreeBSD 8.1. Seems safe to remove this option,
    if it turns out we need it for some obscure platform it can be
    added back.
    dbussink authored

Nov 08, 2010

  1. Remove old SendSite/Selector cruft

    Evan Phoenix authored
  2. Fix CompiledMethod#locate_line

    Evan Phoenix authored
  3. Add Rubinius::OS_ARGV and Rubinius::OS_STARTUP_DIR

    Evan Phoenix authored
  4. Change IO::Buffer => IO::InternalBuffer. Fixes #560

    Evan Phoenix authored
  5. Make sure there is a fallback policy. Fixes #561

    Evan Phoenix authored
  6. Dirkjan Bussink

    Explicitly add -fno-omit-frame-pointer to the build flags

    On FreeBSD -O2 adds -fomit-frame-pointer which breaks
    execinfo.h usage. We explicitly disable omitting frame pointers,
    which is also the behavior on other platforms such as OS X. Here
    -O2 does not imply omitting frame pointers, so adding this also
    doesn't negatively impact performance there.
    dbussink authored
  7. Dirkjan Bussink

    Workaround for FreeBSD by exposing dlopen directly

    Apparently the dlopen handle that is retrieved through
    dlsym() refers to a non working implementation. We expose
    the pointer therefore directly so it also works on FreeBSD.
    Also see the following link where the faulty dlopen code is shown:
    dbussink authored

Nov 07, 2010

  1. Support for native extensions with a . in their name

    On MRI, if you have a library named "", it strips the .bar component
    out of the name when determining which Init function to call. So in the case
    of a library named "", MRI calls "Init_foo"
    This change matches the MRI behavior for determining which Init function to call
    Tony Arcieri authored
  2. Dirkjan Bussink

    Explicitly mark one pipe as write only and one as read only

    When connecting two pipes, we create them with explicit modes.
    This fixes a spec failure on FreeBSD where the pipes were
    created with a different mode. This is the same behavior that
    MRI has.
    dbussink authored

Nov 06, 2010

  1. Add hook to allow code to install a custom debugger

    Evan Phoenix authored

Nov 05, 2010

  1. Brian Shirai

    Only shutdown spec HTTP server at exit.

    Due to system timing sensitivities, we were getting races on both
    startup and shutdown. There does not appear to be any reason not
    to leave the server running until the process exits. If there are
    problems that arise, we'll revisit this.
    brixen authored
  2. Add ability to scope and stop only in certain stack frames. Fixes #558

    Evan Phoenix authored
  3. Dirkjan Bussink

    Add rb_set_end_proc to ruby.h

    dbussink authored
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