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enc/encdb.c -
created at: Mon Apr 7 15:51:31 2008
Copyright (C) 2008 Yukihiro Matsumoto
int rb_encdb_replicate(const char *alias, const char *orig);
int rb_encdb_alias(const char *alias, const char *orig);
int rb_encdb_dummy(const char *name);
void rb_encdb_declare(const char *name);
void rb_enc_set_base(const char *name, const char *orig);
#define ENC_REPLICATE(name, orig) rb_encdb_replicate((name), (orig))
#define ENC_ALIAS(name, orig) rb_encdb_alias((name), (orig))
#define ENC_DUMMY(name) rb_encdb_dummy(name)
#define ENC_DEFINE(name) rb_encdb_declare(name)
#define ENC_SET_BASE(name, orig) rb_enc_set_base((name), (orig))
#include "encdb.h"
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