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= Scruffy Changelog
== Version 0.3.0.beta1
(January 1st, 2011)
* Really? 2011? Wow.
* Merged in divergent forks from github
* Probably broken, but lets get it fixed.
== Version 0.2.6
(December 12th, 2008)
* Forked from the official 0.2.5 release (
* Added stroke_width and style attributes to Line
* Added toggleable shadow and dots attributes to Line
* Changed the default Line to not include shadow or dots and to have a width of 1 pixel.
* Added stroke_width for Component::Graph. Default is now 1.
* Changed the default theme to one appropriate for hi-res charts
* Removed website from release
== Version 0.2.3
(July 4th, 2008)
* Got pie charts working
* Added rough capability for legend to run vertically (better for Pie chart)
* Added some checks in the Pie initializer so that you simply pass a Hash of
name => values, instead of adding PieSlices in a block.
* Added a simplistic unit test that outputs a pie and line chart in PNG & SVG.
* Quite a lot of hard-wired values in here. Whole thing needs a spring clean.
== Version 0.2.2
(August 19th, 2006)
* Removed all font-family and text-rendering attributes from elements.
- These were causing issues with Batik and Adobe Viewer. Horrible font problems.
* Added require 'builder' to renderers/base.rb
* Added minor shadows to most graph types. Adds some depth perception.
* Added graph.layout as an alias of renderer. (graph.layout looks nicer).
* Added markers, values, grid options.
== Version 0.2.1
(August 18th, 2006)
* Mostly documentation.
* Added Builder 2.0 dependency to gem spec.
* Removed minimum size hack in RMagickRasterizer, for now.
== Version 0.2.0
(August 14th, 2006)
- Lots of changes, hold on tight:
* Redesigned rendering system to a component-based design.
All objects on the canvas are components that can be re-arranged via renderers.
* Created default renderer for basic Gruff-like layout.
* Added Reversed and Cubed renderers to demonstrate the customization abilities (plus, they're cool).
* Added Split renderer.
* Created Viewport component to help with Cubed.
- Viewport lets you scale it's inner components and move around the
graph. Its components' sizes and positions are relative to the viewport,
not the graph.
* Set title to respect marker color if available.
* Respects :to option in Graph#render for SVG output to file.
* Stacked layer type -- accepts layers which it then uses to create a stacked graph. Such as Bar graphs
and Area graphs.
* Abstracted out layer_container functionality to helper module (for stacked graph)
* Renamed value_transformers to value_formatters.
* Refined Value Formatters.
- Created default: Number.
- Respects float precision
- Allows for "auto-precision", which will use the largest precision (up to a customizable limit)
necessary to portray the values correctly. ie: 5.1, 6.32, 7.142 becomes '5.100', '6.320', '7.142'
* Modified Legend component, Layers, and Graph component to respect categories.
- ie: Creating a Bar layer with :category => :sales and a Graph with :category => :qa will result in
the Bay layer not being displayed. Allows for more than one Graph viewport on a screen with different
* Improved rasterizing at smaller sizes( < 300px) by rasterizing the image at a larger size first, then
allowing RMagick to resize the image with specific filtering/blurring. Actually looks better than just
rasterizing the SVG at the small size from the beginning.
* Fixed Opacity on stacked graphs.
* Added Style (invisible) components to allow for CSS styling. (Not recommended, however.)
* Added Label component for arbitrary text.
* Created Theme object in place of theme hash.
== Version 0.1.0
(August 11th, 2006)
* First public release!
* Legend rendering
* Rasterizing graph to multiple image types (graph.render :as => 'PNG')
== Version 0.0.12
(August 10th, 2006)
This is not a public release.
* Rearranged Layers into a better class/module arrangement.
== Version 0.0.11
(August 10th, 2006)
This is not a public release.
* Fixed gem issue.
== Version 0.0.10
(August 10th, 2006)
This is not a public release.
* Removed bogus changelog.
== Version 0.0.9
(August 10th, 2006)
This is not a public release.
* Initial release.
* Standard renderer.
* Marker transformers: currency, percentages.
* Basic Graphs: Area, Bar, Line.
* Advanced Graphs: Average, AllSmiles.
* Initial documentation.