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Vox Product Accessibility Guidelines

This project started back in May of 2016, when six Vox Media team members gathered in Washington, D.C., for two days to figure out just how to approach accessibility on a company-wide scale.

We have many advocates for accessibility throughout the company, but at the time of our gathering, we didn’t have a company-wide structure in place to implement standards across the board. Over the course of two days, we documented role-specific best practices and how each team member could implement them into their actual work. Later, we shared what we learned with the company.

Two months later, in July, we picked up the project again at our annual hack week, Vax. We sketched, wireframed, and built this checklist as a tool for teams to use. Guidelines are listed by role because everyone is responsible for accessibility on a team.

Read more about our initial work on the Vox Product blog.


This is built using Jekyll. To develop on this locally, you must:

  • gem install bundler if you don't already have bundler installed
  • bundle install
  • bundle exec jekyll serve to serve files locally
  • bundle exec jekyll build to build static assets to serve


All contributions should abide by the Vox Media Open Source Contributions guidelines.


This is released under an Attribution CC BY license.

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