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An ActiveRecord extension that allows you to treat fields from another model/table as local attributes.
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Attribute Delegator

AttributeDelegator is a gem that provides a class method to ActiveRecord models which will generate native getter/setter methods for a the attributes of a has_one delegate.

Sound complicated? It's not.

How To Use

This is how to setup AttributeDelegator

# Contains a 'title' field.
class Entry < ActiveRecord::Base
  include AttributeDelegator
  has_one :entry_metadata
  delegates_attributes_to :entry_metadata, [:page_views]

# Contains 'entry_id' and 'page_views' fields.
class EntryMetadata < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :entry
  validates_uniqueness_of :entry_id

And this is how you can use it

# You can use normal getter/setter methods
e1 = => 'entry title')
e1.page_views = 50!
assert_equal e1.page_views, e1.entry_metadata.page_views

# You can also set the attributes upon creation
e2 = Entry.create!(:title => 'Another title', :page_views => 50)
assert_equal 50, e2.page_views

# Finally, you can use attributes=, like you would submitting a form
e3 =
e3.attributes = { :title => 'a title', :page_views => 50}
assert_equal 50, e3.page_views


This gem was created to prevent large, STI models from bloating unecceesarily when new fields needed to be added for certain subtypes, but not the base class. This interface is particularly useful when the attributes for that model are set by a form, because it means that the foreign attributes can be seamlessly set using attributes=, and the form can remain simple, even for attributes specific to one subtype.

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