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The Verge 50

The Verge 50 is an example of a Middleman-powered editorial app built by the Vox Media Product Team and published by The Verge. For more information about our editorial apps system, read this article. We're sharing this so people can check it out and learn from the techniques we used, but please don't republish our content.

Getting started

  • Follow the setup instructions for the middleman-google_drive Middleman extension, which is used to pull the content from Google Drive
  • bundle install
  • bundle exec middleman


Product Team: James Chae, Kelsey Scherer, Guillermo Esteves, Brian Anderson, Chao Li, Pablo Mercado, Justin Glow.

Editorial: Joshua Topolsky, Thomas Houston, Laura June, Bryan Bishop, Russell Brandom, Dieter Bohn, Katie Drummond, Joseph L. Flatley, Jesse Hicks, Adrianne Jeffries, Casey Newton, Molly Osberg, Ben Popper, Adi Robertson, TC Sottek, Amar Toor, Andrew Webster, Chris Ziegler.

Illustrations: Sam Green.

Photography: Getty Images, Corbis, Wikipedia, Neil Moralee, JD Lasica, Gage Skidmore, Private Manning Support Network, Geordie Wood, Bryan W. Ferry.

Page transition effects adapted from Codrops.


This project is shared as-is. Bugs, issues, and pull requests may not be readily addressed.


Copyright (c) 2014, Vox Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

We're sharing this project in the hope that the methods and tactics here may be useful to others. That said, you may not republish this work. Learn from it and use it to build your own stories.