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Http Client 7.x-2.2, XXXX-XX-XX
by voxpelli: Updated Http Client OAuth to Drupal 7
by fago, Hugo Wetterberg, klausi, voxpelli: Port to Drupal 7
by fago: Change to use drupal_json_encode(), breaking change
by klausi: Coding style fixes

Http Client 6.x-2.1, 2010-09-25
#732308 by Jeffrey04, Hugo Wetterberg: Added missing function parameters while doing interpreting response
by SimmeLj: Extended base formatter to allow sending of data as a form
by Hugo Wetterberg: Fixed logic error that caused the accept-header to be set only when a request with a request body was made
by voxpelli: Now throws exception when JSON decoding fails and not just when the PHP decoding fails
by voxpelli: Made it possible to specify a realm as well as to send parameters when using the OAuth authentication header

Http Client 6.x-2.0, 2010-02-21
by Hugo Wetterberg: Initial version
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