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loadMore.js is a jQuery plugin for easily adding an AJAX-based "more"-link pagination to an element on ones site.





$('.list').loadmore('/path/to/more/html', {
  'className' : '',
  text : 'More',
  loadingText : 'Loading',
  page : 0,
  pageSize : false,
  'pageParam' : 'page'

Advanced options

  • id - a string identifier for this particular pager to make it easier for the History API integration to restore the correct pager.
  • className - extra classes to add to the more-link container
  • text - text to use in the more-link - should be either a string or a function
  • loadingText - text to use in the more-link when it is loading - should be either a string or a function
  • page - the current page in the list
  • rowsPerPage - how many elements should be expected on a new page? If less than this amount is received we've reached the end and will remove the pager
  • maxPageCount - the maximum numbers of pages to fetch at once - used by the History API integration
  • pageParam - the query parameter used to specify which page to fetch. If set to false no param will be specified.
  • pageStartParam - when more than one page is fetched at once this is the query parameter used to specify the page to start from. If set to false no param will be specified.
  • complete - a function to execute once a new page has been loaded, return false if the pager should be removed
  • useHistoryAPI - whether to use the History API in supported browsers or not
  • useOffset – whether to use offsets rather than page numbers
  • useExistingButton – rather than creating a new button, use an existing one matching this selector / element
  • filterResult – filter the received result by these selectors
  • itemSelector – the selector used to count items
  • baseOffset – an offset to add to all offsets. Will be parsed from any pageParam or pageStartParam query params on an existing button.
  • processUrl – for complex URL cases, define a method that will be sent url and params and returns either an object with a url and params key or a url string if no params should be used anymore.
  • interpretUrl – if one uses both processUrl and useExistingButton then one will likely have to have a custom method to extract the modfied baseOffset from the existing button. Receives Location object, itemCount and options.


  • loadmore:last - triggered on the pager when the last page has been fetched

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