Experimental simplified page load events for Mozilla Add-on SDK
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ShowForPage for Mozilla Add-on SDK

The experimental showforpage API allows for acting on page load related events.


var showForPage = require('showforpage').ShowForPage,

exports.main = function () {
  listeners = showForPage({
    onLocationChange : checkUrl,
    onPageShow : checkForStuffInHTML

exports.onUnload = function (reason) {
  if (reason !== 'shutdown') {


  • onLocationChange - a callback that's called when the URL is changed. (optional)
  • onPageShow - a callback that's called when the page has loaded. (optional)
  • onLink - a callback that's called when a new link element has been added to the page. (optional)

Option syntax: onLocationChange

Should be a function. Is called with the URL of the current page as a single argument and has the document of the page that is checked as its context.

Option syntax: onPageShow

Same as onLocationChange but also includes an additional second parameter that is true if the background page is loaded in background and otherwise false. That second parameter is useful as it indicates that onLocationChange likely hasn't been called prior to onPageShow.

Option syntax: onLink

Should be a function. Is called with the URL of the current page as its first argument, an object containing all link data as its second argument (rels, href and title) and includes a last parameter like onPageShow that indicates if the page is loaded in the background. The function is called with the link element as its context.

How to use

Follow the Add-on SDK's documentation for third party packages.

Other modules usable with this one

In action in

  • Flattr Firefox Add-on: Source



  • Support for Firefox 29 by no longer using the tab-browser SDK module


  • Support for Mozilla's Add-on SDK version 1.13b1


  • New onLink listener that listens for new link elements that are added to the page
  • No longer triggers onPageShow events on hash changes and tab selects - use onLocationChange change for that
  • onLocationChange is now called in the context of the page document and is given a second parameter indicating whether the document has been loaded
  • Triggers onLocationChange on active tabs on initialization


  • Moved the onLocationChange and onPageShow listeners, that were called when a new page was loaded, in the UrlbarButton module into this new module and then also removed the callbacks that were included as an argument when those listeners were called.