configuration for our module sync
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ModuleSync Configs

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Module sync configurations for Vox Pupuli Modules

How to use it

git clone
cd modulesync_config
git tag -l
git checkout X.X.X # checkout latest tag
bundle install
bundle exec msync update --help


module sync one specific module

bundle exec msync update -f {module_name} --message "modulesync {git-tag}"

module sync one module and review changes before submitting changes

bundle exec msync update -f {module_name} --noop
cd modules/{module_name}
# edit then git commit/push

Syncing all modules

This will sync everything in the managed_modules.yml

bundle exec msync update --message "modulesync $(date +%Y-%m-%d)"

Clean up old mess before syncing

find modules/* -maxdepth 0 -type d | while read module; do
  cd $module
  git status
  git checkout master
  git pull
  git fetch origin --prune
  git branch -d modulesync
  cd ..
  cd ..