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VoxPupuli 2019 Elections

This page contains the metadata about the third VoxPupuli Elections.


Vote for the next 5 members of the PMC

Election Officer

The Election Officer should be appointed by the PMC.

  • Kris Bosland <kris.bosland (at)>
    • Voting process
    • Encouraging people to vote
    • Communication for the election
    • Announcement of the results

According to our rules, the Election Officers can not run in the Election.

The Election officer will also be in charge of the communication during that period, as there is no Communication Officer.

Voting Process and Dates

  • To nominate yourself or someone else:
    • Open an issue or submit a Pull Request adding the candidate to the list below.
    • Before Nov 30 2018 23:59 UTC.
  • To vote:
  • Election results will be announced by Dec 20 2018 12:00 UTC
  • Terms begin Jan 1 2019 00:00 UTC


Each candidate should provide:

  • Their name and Github account name
  • A link to their github account
  • a page (a Markdown page in this repo and on the website)
  • a second arbitrary link. That second link can point to their website, twitter account, a specific blog post... But in any cases the content reflected in that link MUST be related directly to the candidate and respect the Contributor Code of Conduct.


Candidate Presentation Link
Julien "roidelapluie" Pivotto Presentation Website

Candidates list

This list will be mirrored on

Candidate Presentation
Lee 'friedbob' Lowder Presentation
David 'dhollinger' Hollinger Presentation
Tim 'bastelfreak' Meusel' Presentation
Nate 'natemccurdy' McCurdy Presentation
Alex 'afisher' Fisher Presentation
Erik 'suckatrash' Hansen Presentation
Suzie 'misseuropa' Baunsgard Presentation


To Be Determined