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Tim Meusel


My name is Tim Meusel, also known as bastelfreak. I am a Vox Pupuli collaborator since 2014 and one a PMC member since the beginning. Puppet is my preferred automation toolkit since 2012. Currently I put most of my effort into our modulesync Setup, to provide a unified codestyle and up2date testmatrix to our modules. Next to that I try to release our modules on a regular basis. Currently I am one of the top contributors to Vox Pupuli. Conferences are fun, so I try to regulary speak about Vox Pupuli (you can find a collection of my talks here). In my spare time I like to complain about old software and do barbecues. You can find me almost 24/7 in our IRC channel and from time to time on conferences.

A few of my Puppet related projects:

  • Enhancing our zabbix module to support more operating systems and better test coverage
  • Adding Arch Linux support to several of our modules
  • Making our tests more beautiful by using solid RuboCop settings
  • Blogging about Puppet and the community around it
  • Managing pypuppetdb, puppetdb and puppetboard packages for Arch Linux
  • Supporting Puppet and mcollective on Arch Linux
  • Migrating our modules to Puppet4 only, later on added Puppet 5 and Puppet 6 support
  • Development of a demo control repo to collect best practices and to onboard newcomers to Puppet

I invest a huge amount of time into Vox Pupuli and would love to continue this with official tasks. I want to put my focus on the following two tasks if elected:

  • Proper and continuous release management for all modules
  • Represent Vox Pupuli on conferences
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