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Support for RVM #6

frozenfoxx opened this Issue Sep 9, 2013 · 5 comments


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Hello, I was wondering if it'd be possible for us to figure out a way to support RVM installations of Ruby and Facter? I'd add support into the template file myself but I'm really not sure how to tell it to check for that.

As it is I've got a custom init.d script with the line:
OS=/usr/local/rvm/bin/bootup_facter osfamily

Since facter is required I'm not sure how to resolve this in a clean, agnostic manner. If anyone has a suggestion then I can code it up and put in a pull request.


mkrakowitzer commented Oct 10, 2014

I dont fully understand this request. Are you saying that you do not want to use /usr/bin/facter but rather another version that you have installed using rvm? If this is the requirement, why not just update your path of the root user to source the rvm path first?

I think your issue is more "puppet" related and not specific to this module. If you could please give me some more information, so I can decide if this issue should be closed, or if it is something specific to this module that needs to be fixed.


brycejohnson commented Oct 10, 2014

I agree @mkrakowitzer

No, this was not for multiple installations of facter. This was for installations of Puppet/Facter done by gem installation with rvm, aka "gem install puppet." Facter as described does not work appropriately under these circumstances in this module but just fine in other modules and general Puppet usage.

However unfortunately I've long since changed jobs and no longer have this setup.


mkrakowitzer commented Oct 10, 2014

OK thanks for the info.

@brycejohnson I cant reproduce this, I am using gem install to install puppet/facter with and without the rpm/apt puppet packages within vagrant vm's for testing purposes.


mkrakowitzer commented Oct 19, 2014

can't reproduce.

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