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Hi Bryce

Would prefer to have a second eye, rather than merge this myself.

I added:

  • ssl support via proxy as per issue #13
  • some tomcat params we might want to tune
  • the minimum heap size is now configurable
  • Added an option to disable managing the service. I needed this as we manage jira via cluster software.
mkrakowitzer added some commits Oct 16, 2013
@mkrakowitzer mkrakowitzer Add a .gitignore file d5a54c9
@mkrakowitzer mkrakowitzer Merge branch 'master' of…
@mkrakowitzer mkrakowitzer Add manage_service parameter
 - Boolean dictating if puppet should manage the service
 - defaults to true
@mkrakowitzer mkrakowitzer Add support to set initial Java heap size aa99875
@mkrakowitzer mkrakowitzer Added tomcat tunables and reverse ssl proxy support
* jira::tomcatMaxThreads
* jira::tomcatAcceptCount
* jira::proxy

See readme and jira.yaml for more information
@brettporter brettporter commented on an outdated diff Mar 10, 2014
@@ -14,15 +14,15 @@
# limitations under the License.
class jira::service {
- service { 'jira':
- ensure => 'running',
- provider => base,
- start => '/etc/init.d/jira start',
- restart => '/etc/init.d/jira restart',
- stop => '/etc/init.d/jira stop',
- status => '/etc/init.d/jira status',
- require => Class['jira::config'],
+ if $jira::manage_service {
+ service { 'jira':
+ ensure => service_ensure,
brettporter Mar 10, 2014

I tried out this PR because I needed the same functionality, but stumbled on this change. It looks like it's meant to be $service_ensure, and a parameter added to the class?


Thanks, this should be fixed


This all seems reasonable from looking at it but I'd love to get some CI going. Puppetlabs is going to start offering this service. The other thing I want to do is to write some serverspec tests then to test what puppet did.


Absolutely agree, I think its the next thing we need to add. I am prepared to add some basic tests if you want. I am going to merge the PR in the meantime?

@mkrakowitzer mkrakowitzer merged commit c73b3e2 into master Mar 18, 2014
@mkrakowitzer mkrakowitzer deleted the ssl_support branch Aug 31, 2014
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