Puppet module for installing and managing Python, pip, virtualenvs and Gunicorn virtual hosts.
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puppet-python Build Status

Puppet module for installing and managing python, pip, virtualenvs and Gunicorn virtual hosts.

Please note: The module stankevich/python has been deprecated and is now available under Vox Pupuli: puppet/python.


For class usage refer to the Reference. If contributing, this is updated with

bundle exec rake strings:generate\[',,,,false,true']

hiera configuration

This module supports configuration through hiera. The following example creates two python3 virtualenvs. The configuration also pip installs a package into each environment.

    version: "system"
    version: "system"
    virtualenv: "/opt/env1"
    virtualenv: "/opt/env2"
        index-url: "https://mypypi.acme.com/simple/"
        extra-index-url: "https://pypi.risedev.at/simple/"

Using SCL packages from RedHat or CentOS

To use this module with Linux distributions in the Red Hat family and python distributions from softwarecollections.org, set python::provider to 'rhscl' and python::version to the name of the collection you want to use (e.g., 'python27', 'python33', or 'rh-python34').

Release Notes

See Changelog


Check out Github contributors.