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The site. Have a look at it to see what this is all about.

Table of Contents

Building this site

  • bundle install
  • bundle exec jekyll serve -w --config _config.yml,_config-dev.yml

You can also use the rake tasks defined in the Rakefile:

  • build: jekyll build
  • validate: uses html-proofer to check the generated site
  • clean: removes the ./_site directory Jekyll generated

Puppet Plugins

Tools and plugins that appear on the Plugins page of our site are defined in the _data/tools directory. Tools without plugins are going to be listed in the table under the Tools header. Tools with plugins will have their own header and table listing the plugins defined for that tool.

Tool definition format

There's a single hash in each tool's definition that describes the tool and optionally contains an array of plugins that can be used with that tool. A tool that doesn't have any plugins will be listed in the table under the Tools header while a tool that does have plugins will have its own header and a table listing all plugins in the tool's plugins array.

Tool Schema

Key Value Data Type Required or Optional
name String Required
display_name String Required
url String Required
description String Required
plugins Array Optional

Plugin Schema

Key Value Data Type Required or Optional
name String Required
url String Required
description String Required

What's a tool vs. a plugin

The difference can be kind of fluid, so I figured it would be helpful to define plugin and tool.

A plugin cannot generally be used independent of another tool. Plugins add functionality to another tool. An example of a plugin is beaker-libvirt because it enables libvirt as a hypervisor in Beaker.

A tool can generally be used independent of another specific tool or it is a tool that has plugins itself. An example of a tool is rspec-puppet because it has plugins. Another example of a tool is modulesync because it can be used independent of another tool.


We happily accept contributions of all kind. Did you spot a typo somewhere? Did you do a talk about Vox Pupuli that you would like to link to? Do you want to write a plog post?

Feel free to send us a pull request with your changes or raise an issue. We currently require all commits in this repo to be signed with gpg, so please configure your git client properly. Let us know if you need some help. We're also reachable via our IRC channel #voxpupuli on Libera, on Matrix, and #voxpupuli on the Puppet Community Slack.

We test if the pages still build properly via travis, You can run this locally by running bundle exec rake test.

Writing docs

Docs can have the following header:

layout: post
title: Deprecated and Archived Modules
date: 2019-11-29
summary: Vox Pupuli policy on deprecating and archiving modules
github_username: binford2k
last_updater: bastelfreak
  • title will be used in the URL + in the header
  • date is assumed as the date of publishing
  • summary is a short roundup used on the navigation page
  • github_username the GitHub username of the original author, optional attribute
  • last_update the GitHub username of the author from the last update, optional attribute (if it was updated is determined by Jekyll automatically)


Our website uses two licenses. The actual content uses CC BY-SA 4.0. This is the same license as our logos use. The underlying scripts and code of our website use the Apache-2 license. The Apache-2 and the CC BY-SA 4.0 files are present in the repository.


What this is all about.




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