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πŸš€ Secure HAProxy Ingress Controller for Kubernetes
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Secure HAProxy Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

Voyager is a HAProxy backed secure L7 and L4 ingress controller for Kubernetes developed by AppsCode. This can be used with any Kubernetes cloud providers including aws, gce, gke, azure, acs. This can also be used with bare metal Kubernetes clusters.


Voyager provides L7 and L4 loadbalancing using a custom Kubernetes Ingress resource. This is built on top of the HAProxy to support high availability, sticky sessions, name and path-based virtual hosting. This also support configurable application ports with all the options available in a standard Kubernetes Ingress.


Voyager can automatically provision and refresh SSL certificates (including wildcard certificates) issued from Let's Encrypt using a custom Kubernetes Certificate resource.

Supported Versions

Please pick a version of Voyager that matches your Kubernetes installation.

Voyager Version Docs Kubernetes Version Prometheus operator Version
v13.0.0-beta.1 User Guide 1.14.x+ 0.34.0+
v12.0.0 User Guide 1.11.x - 1.17.x 0.34.0+
v11.0.1 User Guide 1.9.x+ 0.30.0+
10.0.0 User Guide 1.9.x+ 0.16.0+
7.4.0 User Guide 1.8.x - 1.11.x 0.16.0+
5.0.0 User Guide 1.7.x 0.12.0+


To install Voyager, please follow the guide here.

Using Voyager

Want to learn how to use Voyager? Please start here.

Voyager API Clients

You can use Voyager api clients to programmatically access its CRD objects. Here are the supported clients:

Contribution guidelines

Want to help improve Voyager? Please start here.

Voyager binaries collects anonymous usage statistics to help us learn how the software is being used and how we can improve it. To disable stats collection, run the operator with the flag --enable-analytics=false.



We use Slack for public discussions. To chit chat with us or the rest of the community, join us in the AppsCode Slack team channel #general. To sign up, use our Slack inviter.

If you have found a bug with Voyager or want to request for new features, please file an issue.

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