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A SASS powered springboard for styling the web.
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Saturn V Documentation

A design system springboard.

Quick Facts:

  • Saturn V is not a bootstrap competitor. Saturn V is built with the intention of writing easier/faster CSS, not avoiding the task altogether (not that I'm knocking bootstrap at all). The most complex component you'll see in Saturn V for example is styling buttons.
  • Saturn V is not a matured design system. Saturn V is designed to help you get going with your own design system, it's a springboard but not the real thing. Modifying the settings via the SCSS Variables/Tokens will help get you through the initial set up but there will still be plenty to do in your own projects (the good thing is Saturn V shouldn't establish any meaningful amount of technical debt)
  • You can use Saturn V in both big and small projects. It's my go-to foundation for new projects of all sizes, I just don't always override any of the settings for the smaller projects.
  • Almost everything in Saturn V from the type scale ratio to the number of generated lighter and darker color options is configurable. All you have to do is before importing Saturn V define your own values for the corresponding SCSS variables.

How to get started

Getting started with Saturn V is easy, just treat it as any other SCSS partial. Saturn V should be imported before anything that would utlize it's feature or be impacted by it's default styles. Any Saturn V overrides should also be imported or written before importing Saturn V in order to take effect.

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