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A study of neural oscillations, with homeostasis.
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A study of modulation, oscillation, and homeostasis.


This work was presented at SFN2018. A copy of the poster can be found here. To re-run all experiments:

  1. Install this package and its dependencies (see below).

  2. At the command line, and from \exp directory, run

    • make stim3 stim4 osc100 burst100 then

    • make exp210 exp211 exp212 exp213 exp214 exp215 exp216 exp217 exp218.

    • Note: you may need to adjust the $DATA_PATH variable in the Makefile.

    • The experimental recipes rely on gnu parallel, and are configured to a 40 core machine. If you have more or fewer cores, adjust the -j 38 argument in each recipe accordingly. The Makefile is here.

    • Note: with the current configuration these simulations take about 4 days.

  3. Once (2) is complete open papers_figures_v3.Rmd (found here), adjust the data_path, and execute all cells.

  4. To generate the example traces, open testing_HHH.ipynb (found here) and re-run all cells. This should take half an hour or so. Step (4) can be completed anytime; it is not dependent on 1-3.


From the command line (on linux or macOS) run,

  • git clone


  • cd resistingrhythm; pip install -e .


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