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v0.1.18 [Fri Jun 22 2018 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Bugfix: fixed issues/130 that nginx_vts_main_connections metrics mixed.
* Bugfix: fixed issues/129 that worker process 4589 exited on signal 11.
v0.1.17 [Wed Jun 20 2018 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Feature: added vhost_traffic_status_filter_max_node directive
to limit the size of filters.
* Feature: added vhost_traffic_status_histogram_buckets directive
to set the histogram type of request processing time in
* Feature: added support for implementing format/prometheus.
Thanks to hnlq715, pavel987, superq, discordianfish, towolf.
* Feature: added request_time_counter, response_time_counter section to
support accumulated request processing time for pull/67, issues/73.
* Feature: added TiB unit in format/html for the issues/11
* Compatibility: added "#if (NGX_HTTP_CACHE)" for the issues/122.
v0.1.16 [Mon May 21 2018 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Compatibility: fixed ngx_current_msec that changed in nginx-1.13.10 for
the issues/121.
* Feature: upstream server state is changed to the actual state when using
upstream zone directive by pull/112.
Thanks to oleg-jukovec.
* Bugfix: nginx will crash at vts module when configure file has no http
block by pull/92.
Thanks to gemfield.
v0.1.15 [Tue Jun 20 2017 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Feature: changed ngx_http_vhost_traffic_status_node_time_queue_merge()
v0.1.14 [Tue Mar 21 2017 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Bugfix: fixed issues/76 worker process exited on signal 11
* Feature: added sharedZones in JSON to support shared memory information
* Feature: added vhost_traffic_status_average_method to support for
selecting an average formula
* Feature: added vhost_traffic_status_bypass_stats to support
the stats ignoring
* Feature: added vhost_traffic_status_bypass_limit to support
the limit ignoring
* Compatibility: added segfault prevent routine for the issues/75
v0.1.13 [Mon Mar 06 2017 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Feature: added vhost_traffic_status_set_by_filter to support
stats values access
* Feature: added "::main" in control to get only default status values
* Feature: added the stream status modules at new repository
* Bugfix: fixed issues/(71|72) worker process exited on signal 11
v0.1.12 [Tue Feb 07 2017 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Feature: added request_time, request_times sections for
issues/(43|57) and pull/67
* Feature: added hostname section for issues/37
* Refactor: divided the source code because of too big
v0.1.11 [Wed Nov 09 2016 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Bugfix: fixed issues/56 that worker process exited on signal 11
if running control query without group argument or nonexistent group
* Bugfix: fixed issues/52 that worker process exited on signal 11
* Compatibility: changed for issues/49 that occured errors when
using compile with clang -Werror,-Wtautological-pointer-compare in
osx os.
* Compatibility: changed for issues/47 that occured errors when
using compile with -Werror(Make all warnings into errors). The
number returned by ngx_http_vhost_traffic_status_max_integer()
consist of string without the suffix ULL(unsigned long long int).
* Bugfix: fixed issues/6 that occured error(handler::shm_add_upstream()
failed) when using fastcgi_pass $variables
* Bugfix: fixed issues/45 that occurred segfault when
balancer_by_lua breaks
v0.1.10 [Sun Jul 17 2016 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Bugfix: initialize a variable(filter->filter_name.flushes)
for issues/35 that worker process exited on signal 11
* Compatibility: added dynamic module build option for
--add-dynamic-module in nginx 1.9.11
* Bugfix: initialize a variable(filter->filter_name.value.len)
for issues/33 that occurred segfault when running "nginx -s reload"
* Exception: return NGX_CONF_ERROR if failed
v0.1.9 [Fri Feb 26 2016 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Feature: added vhost_traffic_status_display_jsonp
to support JSONP
* Refactor: changed function names from ngx_vhost_*
to ngx_http_vhost_*
v0.1.8 [Tue Dec 15 2015 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Feature: added support for implementing the feature that
upstream peers use shared memory.(upstream zone directive)
v0.1.7 [Fri Dec 11 2015 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Bugfix: fixed issues/28 that can't use control functionality
if location has more than a segment.
* Feature: added support for implementing traffic limit.
v0.1.6 [Tue Nov 25 2015 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Feature: added support for implementing variables for
current traffic status values. It is starting with a $vts_*.
v0.1.5 [Fri Nov 20 2015 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Bugfix: fixed issues/26 that the each diffrent proxy
caches are used by single zone(key).
* Bugfix: changed the way for key generation because of
the serverZones and cacheZones is likely to duplicate.
* Feature: added support for implementing a functions
to reset, delete, status for zones through an http
request on the fly without nginx's restart.
* Refactor: removed overlapping routine and merged into
v0.1.4 [Mon Nov 02 2015 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Feature: added vhost_traffic_status_filter
to globally enable or disable the filter features.
* Feature: fixed vhost_traffic_status_filter_by_host
to globally enable or disable.
* Feature: fixed vhost_traffic_status_filter_by_set_key
to calculate user defined individual stats.
Basically, country flags image is built-in in HTML.
* Feature: added vhost_traffic_status_filter_check_duplicate
for deduplication of vhost_traffic_status_filter_by_set_key.
* Feature: added update interval in HTML.
v0.1.3 [Wed Oct 21 2015 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Bugfix: stats for cached responses with error_page
directive do not create a cache file by pull/23
Thanks to Wandenberg Peixoto.
* Feature: added vhost_traffic_status_filter_by_host,
vhost_traffic_status_filter_by_set_key directive
to set the dynamically keys for issues/24.
Thanks to Pauli Jokela for suggestion this work.
v0.1.2 [Wed Sep 23 2015 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Bugfix: added cache variable's lock routine in
ngx_http_vhost_traffic_status_shm_add_cache() for issues/19
* Compatibility: added overflow handling routines of variables.
It deals with the overflow of both 32bit and 64bit variables
but I think that not be useful in 64bit variable(Max:16EB) at this moment.
v0.1.1 [Thu May 28 2015 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* Feature: cache status support when using the proxy_cache directive.
v0.1.0 [Thu May 28 2015 YoungJoo.Kim <>]
* The first version.
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