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HTML XMRig Monitor for GPU & Proxy
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Extremely simple to use, HTML monitor for XMRig mining software. It also has a proxy monitor (monitor-proxy.html). Please check screenshots at the end of the page.

The monitor comes with embedded auto-refresh (default 60 seconds) that can be turned off. I recommend leaving it to 60 seconds and using the alarm feature so you can quickly know if your rig goes below a threshold.


  1. Download the repository.
  2. Open the variables.js file.
  3. Change the URL to your own API endpoint.
  4. You're done!

Optional features

You can use these features by changing the necessary values in variables.js.


You can setup a hashrate threshold for your monitor by changing the variable alarmThreshold. If the 10-seconds average (60-minutes average for proxy) goes below the threshold, the tab will try to play a sound. Works pretty well with the auto-refresh feature.

Aggregated hashrate for cards with two threads (e.g. AMD Radeon Vega)

You can setup the monitor to show two threads in a single row, instead of showing one row per thread, by changing the variable aggregateThreads to 1. This feature is useful for people running GPUs with two threads. See screenshots below for an example.



If this simple monitor helped you any way, consider tipping me some pizza change!

XMR: 8BTcfC6b3dGMvfMwaVub8yJbr4tAC6ggHGMv6yJjy9eC8jbApCz15x66XpPrhBEpV85hyeHMFeCYpdWFv5WBNc7t4YM9k8Z

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