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A Jython interface to the Stanford parser. Includes various utilities to manipulate parsed sentences:

  • parsing text containing XML tags,
  • obtaining probabilities for different analyses,
  • extracting dependency relations,
  • extracting subtrees,
  • finding the shortest path between two nodes,
  • print the parse in various formats.

See examples after the if __ name __ == "__ main __" hooks.


1. Download the parser from
2. Unpack into a local dir, put the path to stanford-parser.jar into the classpath for jython
3. Put the path to englishPCFG.ser.gz as an arg to StanfordParser


Initialize a parser:

    parser = StanfordParser('englishPCFG.ser.gz')

To keep XML tags provided in the input text:

    sentence = parser.parse('This is a test')

To strip all XML before parsing:

    sentence = parser.parse_xml('This is a <b>test</b>.')

To print the sentence as a table (one word per line):


To print the sentence as a parse tree:


On input, the script accepts unicode or utf8 or latin1.

On output, the script produces unicode.

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