A KOP(Keen On Packet, 靠谱) DPI System which supports script rules which can describe behavior instead of application and performs triple speed to OpenDPI with less limitation and memory
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KOP(Keen On Packet, 靠谱) DPI system is a new DPI framework on mobile Internet designed by ANTS Group, MOE Lab, Xi'an Jiaotong University which have more than 350 rules covering 13 applications in 3 different mobile OS (iOS, Android and Symbian, Windows Phone 7 is on his way) and reach the speed of nearly 50Mbps.

------Install and Usage

1. Run "make" in the 'src' folder.
2. ./filter [your_pcap_file], and the results will shown in the screen.
3. Modify the main function in filter.cc, it can analyze trace online.


This is a very simple doc, if you have any question, contact me with the email 'aquatoney at gmail dot com'. I will response asap.