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JFLASH is a jquery plugin to generate flash messages via ajax

ok, its under development, i will improve it probably daily :-)

You just have to add the css to your project (together with jquery and the jflash.js), create a div with id = flash in your layout
and start to use it

so you have your layout.html.erb with something like

<div id="flash">

so in your javascript you just have to do

$('#flash').jflash({message:'Hello world!', flash:'notice'});

and voi-la. your flash will be displayed and then disappear 

Today we support just flash notices and flash error. You can pass some options to the plugin. See the example test.html

options supported today:

//message -> the message that should be passed
//fadeIN -> ms for fadein effect
//FadeOut -> ms for fadeout effect
//display -> time that we will show our flash message
//flash -> the flash that you want (notice, error)