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Telegram Bot library written in V.
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vgram is a bot library for Telegram Bot API written in V.
The Bot API is an HTTP-based interface created for developers keen on building bots for Telegram.

Why don't you update the library?

Currently I have all the code ready to release a complete version of the library, with all the methods and objects of telegrams bot API.
However, I need that someone fix this problem


v install vpervenditti.vgram

Creating a bot

  1. Search for the “@botfather” telegram bot and start it
  2. Click on or type /newbot to create a new bot and follow his instructions
  3. Get the token Now, create a file named mybot.v and put this code:
import vpervenditti.vgram
bot := vgram.new_bot('TOKEN', false) // <- set true to see debug log
mut updates := []vgram.Update{}
mut last_offset := 0
for {
    updates = bot.get_updates(vgram.NewGetUpdates{offset: last_offset, limit: 100})
    for update in updates {
        if last_offset < update.update_id {
            last_offset = update.update_id
            match update.message.text {
                '/start' => bot.send_message(vgram.NewSendMessage{
                    text: 'Hi man'
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